The Green

Sundance Channel's THE GREEN, returns for a second season on April 1, 2008 at 9:00 pm with 13 new episodes of the award-winning original eco-series "Big Ideas for a Small Planet," new documentaries and new episodes of the interstitial series "Eco-Biz" and "Ecoists".

One of the next episodes to air, on Tuesday, May 6th, will be titled "Escape from Suburbia". This is a subject which is near and dear to my own heart, and is all about the suburban lifestyke… Will the suburban lifestyle � epitomized by the single family home and two-car garage � remain tenable as we advance into an age of declining oil supplies and rising prices? Escape from Suburbia considers the possibilities as it examines the burgeoning grass-roots movement to "power down" from energy-intensive habits. Mixing the stories of ordinary citizens with expert analysis, the film offers an inspiring look at how people are changing their lives and their communities by pulling up stakes, organizing conferences, and even re-thinking local economies.

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